Founded in 2012, Shambala Healing is a London-based, inner growth and wellbeing institute, facilitating therapeutic treatments for people who wish to make positive, lifestyle choices to heal themselves!

A lifelong path of healing & maintenance is vital for everyone, as it helps us to expand awareness to both our inner and outer worlds, so that we can make conscious choices that will keep us well in our daily lives. We are passionate about working in equilibrium with nature, and we treat illness and disease as opportunities for you to evolve and adapt your lifestyle balance, in order for natural progression to continue.

Shambala Healing works one-on-one with healing participants, and also operates as a laboratory to advance health knowledge amongst industry professionals and the general public. Altogether we hope to catalyse healing on an immediate level for you as an individual, and work towards wider social developments in supporting a healthy planet.

We are a social enterprise and put wellbeing before profits. We offer reasonably priced treatments in order to break even and re-invest in the future. We uphold an inclusive policy and no one is turned away due to lack of funds. You are welcome!


Treatment begins with a pre-consultation between you and your therapist. This allows us to take best care of your comfort, mood and situation, and explore any specific requirements or intentions that you would like to work with throughout treatment.

During pre-consultation, your therapist will create a record and treatment plan for you, which will be referred to and updated at each subsequent session. Any personal information recorded will be kept securely and remain confidential between you and your therapist. The therapy will take place for the remainder of the allotted appointment time. Aftercare information will be provided before you leave, along with details of your next appointment, and how to get in touch in case of healing emergencies.

To enquire about joining us for treatment, please email the current lead practitioner, Kesley via: kesley.cage@gmail.com or call: 07795906009

Therapeutic Options

Body Massage

Let your worries drift away with pure and simple touch... Massage is the applied pressure and manipulation of the body's soft tissues, through the skin. This therapy is carried out with the receiver laying flat on a padded table, and the therapist standing to apply strokes, kneading, rubbing and tapping with the the hands and forearms. Massage may include the full body, and can also be targeted to specific areas such as head, back or leg massage. Massage helps to revitalise the mind and body connection and break down spiritual and emotional blockages by releasing muscle tensions - this encourages a sense of completeness and acceptance. Massage is uplifting for the spirit may have positive wellness effects for almost any health condition. Everyone deserves a healing massage.

Expressive Therapy

Express your being and explore feelings through creative modes such as acting, drawing, movement, sculpting and sounding. Expressive therapy is based on the understanding that humans are ineptly creative beings, and we need a time and space to express or creative energy. Often stress and mental illness can be caused by unmanifested creative energy, wreaking havoc with our minds. Expressive therapy is useful for understanding and overcoming difficult personal life issues and emotions in safety. This therapy is suitable for everyone, particularly those who are already on a path to becoming self-actualized, or who want to discover the difference between Self and Ego. Expression is facilitated with a range of props and materials, and supported by a co-creator who will provide witnessing and feedback, and counselling skills to  help unlock your experiences. 

Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy uses the innate, resonating frequencies of gemstones and crystals to bring balance to the your health and wellbeing. Crystal therapy is applied through 'laying on stones' in layouts on and around the physical body, where the energetic bodies are – these are the physical, vital, mental, supramental intellect and spiritual 'bliss' bodies, connected through numerous chakras (sanskrit for “wheels of energy”). The confirmation of us having multiple bodies and chakras within our auras, in addition to the physical body, is realized in many ancient medicine systems, from China, Tibet and India to Africa, New Zealand and the Americas. Crystals are a medicine all by themselves, which can be applied in crystal therapy, to create balance between areas of harmfully low energy, and areas of excessively high energy. This is a complete therapy in itself, and can able be provided with another therapy such as relaxing body massage!

Hopi Candle Rituals

Ear candles have been used for aeons by the wise Hopi tribe of native America, and they have even been traced back as far as the ancient Egyptians. Candle rituals create a deeply relaxing, holistic therapy, and may  be used to provide relief from symptoms such as: anxiety, depression, headache, insomnia, irritability, sinus pressure and tinnitus. The participant lies comfortably on their side, and candles are applied vertically, to the outer ear passageway. As the candles burn, a gentle crackling sound may be heard, as a restorative heat energy and vacuum of pressure is created deep within the ear canal. The treatment also comes with a gentle, acupressure and lymphatic drainage massage of the ear, neck and face, to support an overall feeling of well-being and balance, and can also be combined with all other therapiesto bring about holistic healing.

Spiritual Therapy

Supporting healing and development for the soul. Spiritual therapy is an integration of client-centred theory, personal coaching and dynamic spiritual techniques. Spiritual therapy gives a platform to talk freely about dreams, hopes, stresses and worries, helping to unclutter the mind and give space to breathe and find focus and centre. Methods such as meditation, drumming, trance, making sounds, movement, divination, Tarot and ritual can all be used to reconnect to the soul, and open possibility for greater insight into personal needs and desires. You and your therapist can team together in order to pool resources, delve into the richness of present experience, and even develop strategies for overcoming life challenges and achieving success.

Booking Info

Appointments are available for 30 minutes (£20), 1 hour (£40), 90 minutes (£60) or 2 hours (£80). Concessions may also be available. To arrange a therapy and appointment time that is right for you, please contact Kesley via: kesley.cage@gmail.com

Native American Ear Candle Painting
Wildwood Tarot Card used in Spiritual Therapy

In ancient Tibetan folklore, Shambala (also spelt Shambhala) is known as a legendary kingdom, a place that is Heaven-on-Earth. It is a belief that finding enlightenment is possible, in this lifetime.

Healing comes from the root word 'whole,' therefore to heal is to become whole. The common trait of the living is that we are all in a constant state of becoming whole i.e. becoming at-one with your life and potential, and thus healing.


“I feel so much more relaxed and at peace within myself."

"You are like a doctor whose medicine is enjoyable!"

"My condition has improved and I feel much more hopeful about the future."

"You were warm and welcoming, and during the treatment, you made me very comfortable, I had a great experience."

Shambala Healing

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